Texas State University Library

Texas State University Library Project Scope:

Client wanted to develop more casual seating and collaborative study areas throughout their 9 story campus library. Phase One was to prototype seating concepts and placements, to obtain feedback from both staff and students.

We designed and installed tablet arm casual seating on casters for easy placement by students. Each cluster of tablet armchairs had a mobile two-side whiteboard [dry erase] also on casters for team-based discussions, together with adjacent drum-shaped side tables for work areas. We also designed and installed several “S-Shaped” seating arrangements for reading, study and small group collaboration. In the same area we built and installed Collaborative Tech Tables seating 6-8 students, each table equipped with a 55” smart TV, table mounted. Mobile “Pizza-Shaped” tables can be configured as a single 60” diameter table for 6 students, or separated into individual tables for use throughout the space.

We provided product design, layout assistance, fabric selections, custom wood finishes and product designs, plus turnkey installation and placement. By combining flexibility and mobility, this Prototype space is providing guidance for future expansion to other floors in the library.

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