Library Interiors of Texas Services



LI-TX will meet with the owner, management, and staff to develop an initial needs assessment. We will establish budgets, identify furnishing needs, and set quality benchmarks for your project.


Needs Assessment

With the goals for your Library’s project outlined, we will review your collection, furniture, and equipment. LI-TX will then advise on the requirements to achieve those goals, bearing current & future trends in mind.


Interior Design

Visualize yourself in your new space with the aid of our 3D planning, and rendering capabilities. All of our work will, of course, comply with ADA guidelines.


Product Specification

Using the needs assessment, and final floor plan of the facility, we will compile a full product specification by category, based on your established quality expectations, and budget.


Custom Furniture

Not every furniture need has an out-of-the-box solution. LI-TX will work with you from initial concepts, and 3D renderings, to the fabrication of custom furniture to fit your unique needs.


Project Management

After issuing all purchase orders to selected vendors, our job is just getting started. From scheduling lead times and deliveries, to coordinating materials and finishes, LI-TX will constantly manage the project to ensure products arrive as specified, on time, and within budget.



Our experienced installation crews will be on site to receive all deliveries, inspect for freight damage, and to ensure quality of workmanship on all products received. Our teams then work efficiently, and precisely, to install all products received.


After Sales Care

We take as much pride in our after-sales care as we do in every other stage of your project. Be assured we are only ever a phone call away!

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