About Library Interiors of Texas

Library Interiors of Texas represents the ultimate in library design. Uniting European library philosophies with fundamental library functionality, we aim to deliver libraries that are aesthetically appealing, attractive and welcoming to patrons, yet offer management and staff ease of operation.


Library Interiors of Texas offers a cooperative approach to all aspects of furnishing a library, from needs assessment, through design, procurement of exclusive products, project management, to installation and after sales care. Architects, designers and library professionals can be assured that they will be presented with the finest furnishing choices, delivered on time, within budget, and with continuing service.

Trevor Taylor, the driving force behind the development of the company, was born in London, England. Trevor’s career began in 1977 and through building strong working relationships with architects, designers, and librarians internationally, became a highly respected specialist in the library community. He has worked on projects across the globe from England, to Eldoret, Kenya to libraries damaged in Kuwait City after the Gulf War.  He now brings his vision and international expertise to American architects, designers and librarians, throughout the country. A desire to provide a more personal and exclusive service to a select group of clients prompted a decision to establish Library Interiors of Texas, based in Austin.

Years of experience have proven that libraries require a level of furnishing of a very exacting standard, due not only to high levels of use by patrons, but erratic funding for maintenance and remodeling. We therefore see it as our duty to ensure that we design interiors built with high performing furniture, and materials, offering exceptional durability, and low maintenance costs.

With a constant eye on developing trends in librarianship; technology; furniture design; fabrics and finishes, we strive to provide interiors that will exceed the expectations of today, but will adapt easily to meet the needs of the ever-changing, and developing library of tomorrow.

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